Master of Science in Speech- Language Pathology (MSLP) Dar Al-Hekma University

Most Common Questions Asked By Candidates

?Is the program Clinic-Based or Research-Based
The students will complete a minimum of 225 clinic hours as well as the program includes a clinical research project or research project.

Do you accept undergraduate applicants from other majors/schools such as the major “Learning Disability” under “School of Education
Only students with the background of Speech-Language Pathology under the school of health sciences are accepted. (It is subject to change)

?Is there yearly/semester based enrollment
Enrollment in the program will be yearly only in Fall

?What are the Fees of the program? And what are the Scholarship/discount if available
The fees are 100,000 SAR per year. No scholarship offered for graduate programs, however, there is a discount listed for this academic year which is 35% discount for all applicants, as the program is new.

?When will the classes be offered
The classes will be offered on Fridays and Saturdays and the final exam will be on Thursdays after the completion of 8 classes.

?How many semesters are in the program? And if the summers are included or not
The program is 5 semesters, including the summer. (Fall I, Spring I, Summer I, Fall II, and Spring II) Summer II is optional.

?Is the program accredited by ASHA
The program is not accredited by ASHA, as ASHA does not accredit international graduate programs. However, the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (MSLP) Program meets the guidelines of ASHA Graduate Programs. In order to get ASHA license, a graduate of the program must complete the additional hours required by ASHA (other than the 225 clinic hours completed within the MSLP program). After that, the graduate will be required to submit their program to ASHA to obtain approval to take the Praxis Exam.

?How will the practicum be? Where will it be held
The practicum will be coordinated with the students’ work site, where some hours are supervised directly by Dar Al-Hekma (DAH) faculty, and some are co-supervised by the supervisors at the work site to help students count these hours for ASHA License.

?Do I have to be working in a clinical setting to take the Practicum Course
Practicum will be arranged internally within DAH for students who are not working in a clinical setting and reside in Jeddah.

?How do we collect the books for the courses? Is it included in the payment of the program fees
The books are not included in the fees. The books can be bought from the bookstore when available.

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